Picture of CD CoverNote from the wife: This CD was originally created due to my constant nagging. For four years I have been *cough* suggesting that Brian actually make a CD for the friends and family who kept hinting they would like to have one. This is hard to do with a 4-track that picks up EVERY LITTLE background noise so, Brian found recording software online.. and promptly took over MY computer. This was NOT acceptable. This could not (would not!) be allowed to happen. I made a deal with him, we would build him his own recording studio computer, but he HAD to have a CD cut by Christmas of 2001 for those that requested one. Though I still did not believe it would happen, I wanted the challenge of building a computer suited to this need and we moved forward. Not one month later, the CD was created.

This of course snowballed. If he's making a CD, well then.. we have to have a CD Label and Jacket don't we? Well of course we do. While we're at it, why don't we shrink-wrap them. Hey.. why not a 'concert poster' to mark the occasion also???

That brings us to the website. If we are going to all this trouble, maybe some of you around the world might be interested in hearing him also (and getting a little free music in the bargain). So, here it is. Brian is diligently working on his 2nd album (maybe by the end of summer???). Feel free to peek around the rest of the domain also, you never know what you might find...

We hope you enjoy the site, and the music.

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